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TorFX is a leading provider of international money transfer services. With more than ten years’ experience, a reputation for providing first-class customer care and a best rate guarantee, TorFX can make your currency transfers hassle free and more cost-effective. Whether you need to move funds overseas to pay for a foreign property purchase or have regular smaller transfers to manage,

TorFX can help you enjoy substantial savings thanks to their fee-free services and exchange rates which undercut the banks by as much as 90%. So what other benefits can TorFX offer?

  • Personal Service – dedicated account management
  • Expert Market Insight – free currency updates
  • Free Account Opening – with no obligation
  • Online Transfer Service – so you can move your money 24/7
  • Specialist Services – like the ability to fix a rate two years in advance

TorFX is a currency exchange specialist – an alternative to the bank. Using a currency exchange specialist like TorFX ensures that you lock-in the best exchange rate possible for any foreign currency exchange – up to 5% over what you’d receive from your high street bank – and the proactive, consultative service on offer means that you will be alerted to any market movement that could benefit you.

It’s much easier to use a specialist than a bank too – there’s no need to turn up, and the application process is free and puts you under no obligation to use the services on offer. TorFX charges no fees for any transactions and can help you manage your risk for large purchases, such as a home abroad. Use the enquiry form to email us for full details of the benefits for you and / or a quote .

  • Excellent Exchange Rates
  • Fast, Free Money Transfers
  • 0% Commission and No Fees
  • Authorised by the FCA

Bank-Beating Exchange Rates

TorFX has been providing bank-beating foreign exchange and international payments for over ten years. Our goal is to connect clients with ultra competitive exchange rates and a uniquely dedicated service whether they chose to trade online or over the telephone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about the services offered by TorFX? Below are some of the questions we get asked the most.

Would transferring funds with TorFX be easier than using my bank?

While using your bank for foreign currency transfers might seem like the simplest option, a specialist broker like TorFX can streamline the process and make it considerably more cost-effective.

How does the transfer process work?

After opening an account, agreeing a rate with your personal Account Manager and receiving order confirmation, you’ll then be asked to supply details of the beneficiary account before sending your funds to your TorFX client account. After the funds have cleared, your foreign currency is immediately sent to your beneficiary account – it’s as easy as that!

Is this kind of transfer secure?

When you use TorFX to handle your foreign currency transfers, you can relax in the knowledge that your money is safe and totally secure. TorFX is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, holds segregated client accounts with Barclays bank and has a Level 1 rating (the highest level of creditworthiness) from leading agency Dun & Bradstreet.

How much does it cost to transfer currency with TorFX?

Opening an account with TorFX is free, and there’s no obligation to trade. Furthermore, TorFX will secure you a competitive exchange rate and won’t charge transfer fees or commission.

Is there any way of protecting my transfer?

As the foreign exchange market is so volatile, currency risk can be a real concern. We appreciate that a bit of added security can really help put your mind at ease, and our services reflect that. Transfer options like Limit Orders and Forward Contracts ensure that you can protect funds from any adverse shifts in the market.

How can I pick the best time to trade?

The daily currency updates provided by TorFX will keep you informed of the latest developments, and your dedicated Account Manager will get in touch if the market shifts in your favour. While it’s impossible to predict exactly how a currency will perform in the future, with TorFX on your side you have a much better chance of getting the most for your money. Tor Currency Exchange Ltd, Penlowarth, Penzance, Cornwall TR18 4ED. Tor Currency Exchange Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2009 (FRN 517320) for the provision of payment services. HM Revenue and Customs Certificate of Registration for Money Laundering Regulation, number: 12191606.