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Welcome to Judicare Law International, a leading international property law firm providing clients with specialist global legal advice related to investments in property and land overseas.

In addition to assisting clients recover their money when things regrettably go wrong we can also help clients do things correctly in the first place. We provide specialist legal guidance in order to safely buy property abroad as well as advising on issues such as the drafting of foreign Wills and foreign Inheritance. With vast experience of timeshare we can help to cancel purchase contracts and assist with increasing maintenance costs.

We understand that our clients want the confidence of knowing their affairs are being looked after by a company with a personal interest in their story, who understand and have extensive experience in the issues facing them in a foreign jurisdiction.

With our legal headquarters in the UK and international expertise worldwide, our outlook is broad, catering for a variety of property investment problems effectively and efficiently.
We can assist with legal issues in a wide range of countries including – but not limited to - Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Poland, Barbados, Bahamas, Egypt, Morocco, Cape Verde, USA, Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, Brazil and United Arab Emirates.

Judicare helps recover monies invested into problematic property abroad.